Greetings from AST Masks!


Hey there!  I’m Alexander and I make leather masks of all shapes and kinds!  Do you find yourself in need of a mask for a costume, a masquerade, a renaissance festival, theatre, role-playing, dance, or any other event?  If so, look no further than right here; you’ve found exactly what you need.


Quality Handcrafted Masks


All of my masks are handmade with careful attention to detail and quality, being a labor of love from beginning to end.  I personally design, cut, tool, shape, and paint every mask, always striving to do better than I’ve ever done in past.  My customers deserve the best I can provide and I do everything I can to make that happen.


Comfort and Visibility


As well as looking great, all of my masks are designed with two key features in mind: Comfort and visibility.


I have encountered countless masks throughout my life – and perhaps you have have as well – that looked great, but were horrifically uncomfortable, difficult to breathe in, and/or possessed poor visibility.  Sometimes it’s almost as if the manufacturers never consider that masks need to be worn on the faces of real people!  You'll find masks with eye holes that you can barely see a thing through, flat noses that makes comfortable breathing nearly impossible, shaping  that   painfully digs into your face, and many other factors that cause you to dread wearing them for longer than a few minutes.  In my opinion, that’s downright unacceptable.


I want people to be able to wear a mask of mine for hours at a time without any issues, able to breathe and see as if it wasn't there at all.  If you’re accustomed to wearing uncomfortable masks, you’ll definitely notice the difference when you try on one of mine.

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