Frequently Asked Questions

What are the masks made of?


All of my masks are made with vegetable-tanned cow leather.  This makes for a sturdy and durable product while still allowing it to be both comfortable and lightly flexible.  The masks are then hand-painted with acrylic paints before being finished with a clear coat finish to protect and preserve them.


Are the masks in the Mask Gallery the only ones you make?



Where can I see more of your masks?



Can I get one of the masks in the Mask Gallery in a different color?


Absolutely!  Any designs can be ordered in whatever color(s) you want.


Do you make masks that can be worn with glasses?


I do indeed make masks wearable with glasses!  There is an additional $5 charge for glasses-compatible masks.  Also, it should be noted that not all mask designs can be made glasses-compatible, so be sure to confirm with me via email if a design is available for glasses before ordering.


Can I rent a mask from you?


I do not rent out masks;  I only have them available for sale.


Do you have an Etsy shop?


Not yet, though I assure you that an AST Masks Etsy shop is definitely in the works and the answer to this question is likely to change in the upcoming months.


Are the masks waterproof?


All of my masks are coated with a clear finish that makes the front of them water resistant, but they are by no means waterproof.  Excessive moisture that gets into the unpainted portions of a mask can cause the leather to soften and make its shape vulnerable to change, so be careful with leather masks around water and avoid using them in overly wet situations whenever possible.  In short, don't wear them in the pounding rain.  If the mask does get super wet and gets out of shape, do your best to carefully re-shape it back to its original form while it is still wet and allow it to dry completely in that shape.


How do the masks stay on your face?


Each mask is punched with small holes near the temples, with ribbons of an appropriate color laced through said holes for the wearer to tie around his or her head.  Many of the pictures in the Mask Gallery were taken before the ribbon holes were added, though all masks will have them unless specified otherwise.  Updated pictures for the Mask Gallery that include ribbons will be added soon.


How do I take care of my mask?  How do I clean it?


To ensure that your mask stays in the best condition it can, keep it dry and away from being crushed.  The shaping and painting of the leather makes the mask fairly sturdy, though it is still vulnerable to damage from being misshapen by excessive water or physical abuse.   To clean the painted portion of your mask, carefully wipe it with a slightly damp cloth or brush and let it air dry.


What is your return policy?


All sales are final and masks cannot be returned.

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